Yahoo Warehouse Owners!
Now you can verify for Yahoo orders inexpensively!

- Watch our demo video by clicking here.

What does Verify for Yahoo Small Business do?
- Like having a mini Yahoo Warehouse Management System (WMS) in your warehouse.
- Allows you to quickly verify your orders before they are packaged and shipped.
- We've sold hundreds of warehouse management systems over the past 28 year and order verification is the single most cost affective program you can implement.
- Increases order accuracy and decreases shipping errors.
- Saves you time and money by preventing mispicks and return shipping costs.

What does Verify for Yahoo! Small Business cost? Just $125/month!
- Includes one USB barcode scanner preprogrammed to work with our software.
- Unlimited number of packages per month!
- Additional workstations can be added for an additional $30 per month.

Let Barcoders.com provide you with a simple way to make your orders more accurate and help you increase your productivity, bottom line, and client satisfaction. Contact us today at info@barcoders.com.