Receive Items Into Inventory

Receive items directly into your order management system

Put Away Orders

Easily and accurately put away an order

Sort Put Away Orders

Put away items and stock shelves

Reassign Item Locations

Assign items to new bins

Look Up an Item

Quickly look up an item's location

Look Up Bin Contents

Scan the bin barcode and see all items assigned to that bin

Count Inventory Traditionally

Conduct a quick and accurate annual inventory count

Cycle Count Inventory

Conduct an accurate and ongoing inventory count

Pick Orders Individually

Pick individual orders with a barcode scanner

Multi-Pick Orders in Batches

Accurately pick multiple orders simultaneously

Verify a Picked Order

Verify picked orders and measure employee productivity

Log Final Shipment

Find which employee shipped an order, track box usage

Weigh an Item

Easily assign weights to items


View order activity and employee productivity