Pick Up To 25 Orders At The Same Time


MultiPick allows you to pick multiple orders (up to 25 at the same time) with just one trip through the warehouse.

With MultiPick you're no longer limited to picking just one order at a time. MultiPick improves your efficiency, while at the same time reducing picking errors!

MultiPick allows you the flexibility to pick many orders simultaneously, depending on your warehouse configuration, number of employees assigned to picking, and your business needs.

Several Barcoders.com customers have specially designed picking carts and can pick multiple orders on a single trip through their warehouse.

MultiPick Will:

  • Reduce overall pick time for all orders
  • Measure employee productivity
  • Greatly reduce picking errors

Here's how MultiPick works for picking multiple orders:

  • Place the needed number of boxes on the picking cart.
  • Each box will have a label and barcode on the side identifying it as Box 1, Box 2, etc.
  • Scan the reference number from each of the different orders.
  • The first reference number is assigned to box 1, and so on.
  • The MultiPick program sorts and displays the items to pick.
  • The scanner directs you where to go, which items and quantity to pick, and which box to place the items in.
  • Scan the UPC barcode of the item and the MultiPick confirms whether it is correct.
  • Scan the barcode on the box in which the item is to be placed to receive confirmation whether it is correct.

Watch A Demo Video Of The RF MultiPick Program In Use:

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