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What we do

Our main expertise is to provide the hardware and warehouse management software for several of the very popular Order Management Systems (OMS) namely Freestyle MOM 10 & MOM 11, Stone Edge and SKUBANA.

Most ecommerce companies using an OMS today need the ability to manage their physical inventory, what's in their warehouse, and sync it quickly and reliably with their virtual inventory, what's for sale on all their Internet sites, called channels. For any specific ecommerce company, they usually sell their items on their home website, as well as offering them on numerous other channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten,,, etc.

Virtual Layer: A critical piece is the Order Management System or OMS. They are solutions designed to process orders and then manage the virtual quantities across all ecommerce channels. Among other things, they process orders from one channel, adjust available quantities as needed and then push the correct quantites back out to all channels. Orders are then passed down to the warehouse for fulfillment; namely picking, packing and shipping.

Physcial Layer: Our systems reside in the warehouse and are designed to communicate with the OMS. When orders are passed down, we take them and handle the fulfillment, accurately and efficiently by using state-of-the-art, ruggedized, wireless scanners to confirm all line items as they are picked. When new quantities arrive, we can also help receive them, put them away and then push the new quantities to the OMS for channel updating. We also do cycle counting, bin moves, and much more.

The result is a fast and accurate physical-to-virtual handshake that results in more accurate online quantites. We sell complete turnkey systems, including hardware and software. Currently we interface with the OMS system shown above; Freestyle MOM 10/11, Skubana and Stone Edge. Just click on their logo to see more about what we offer.

Who we are, legally Advanced Barcode Systems LLC, is a family-owned and operated business started in 1996. offers innovative warehouse management systems, WMS, for ecommerce stores. The company founder, Gordon Jennings, in the mid 90's he spent 18 months employed as a systems analyst and design consultant for Symbol Technologies, Inc. (now acquired by Zebra). Son, Andrew Jennings joined as his business partner and VP of Software in March of 2012 and made many significant advancements. However, in July of 2022, Andrew left Barcoders to join the Amazon Logistic team. Richard Webb, joined the company in May of 2012 and is still a key member of the Barcoders team.

The company philosophy is based on three basic important tenets.

First is customer service. We provide valuable services that are integral to the success of our valuable customers.

Second, the importance of capturing accurate raw data. The capture of accurate raw data leads to the assembly of accurate information. This information assists cutting edge business and corporate executives in producing accurate business intelligence, giving them a significant competitive advantage in their market. By contrast, inaccurate raw data results in inaccurate information often resulting in erroneous business decisions damaging to the business.

Third, is the importance of capturing this raw data efficiently. Since barcode scanning is thousands of times more accurate and hundreds of times more efficient than human typing, Advanced Barcode Systems has used barcode scanning as the means by which to achieve this very important principle. has implemented RFWarehouse systems at over 300 ecommerce sites including, Hern, On Time Mall, PureFormulas and many others.