Stone Edge

Stone Edge Barcode System

RFWarehouse For Stone Edge

Our system is 100% compatible with both the Access and SQL versions of Stone Edge.

The Challenge

One challenge faced by users of Stone Edge Order Manager (SEOM) is that current versions of that software subtract quantities from the Quantity On Hand (QOH) field at the time orders are approved. The warehouse manager has no idea which orders have been approved and picked and which orders have not. This scenario makes it nearly impossible to conduct any sort of accurate physical inventory count.

Our Solution

Version 7 of both our RFLookup and RFCycleCount programs solve what has been a persistent challenge for Stone Edge users. For Stone Edge users who have been using our RFPick or our RFMultiPick programs and have upgraded to Version 7 of our RFLookup and RFCycleCount programs, a field called "RUS" will now be shown on the scanner display when items are scanned. This "RUS" field stands for Reserved UnShipped and indicates the magic number you need in order to reconcile your inventory correctly.

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