Purchase Our WMS for Stone Edge SQL

RFWarehouse ecommerce WMS for Stone Edge users (SQL Server Only)

For more than a decade, Barcoders has offered a complete warehouse management system for Stone Edge for both 5.x and 7.x SEOM users!

Over the past five and a half years Stone Edge has undergone three ownership changes, through it all Barcoders.com has been here supporting and enhancing the functionality of SEOM. See a list of ALL our Stone Edge updates.

Some of our new and existing enhancements for Stone Edge software users:
  • NEW! Kit Picker program, for companies that prepick and package their SEOM kits ahead of the order.
  • NEW! Put Away Bin tracking for returns, over picks, etc.
  • NEW! Scanners can now automatically read weights from a USB scale.
  • NEW! Scanners can now print SKU labels to a portable, belt mounted Zebra QLn320 WIFI printer.
  • NEW! Track and display SKUs and quantities in the Put Away Bin, e.g. customer returns, over picked/mispicked items.
  • NEW! For SKUs that don't have barcodes, you now print them easily and automatically as part of the receive process.
  • Order suspension/resumption during Pick.
  • Pick list generator! For all your single item orders, you can now create a pick list by shipping method and pick all of them at once! (Level 3 only)
  • Support for multiple Stone Edge companies/databases.
  • Supports up to four locations per SKU.
  • Turn on dependant or independant quantity tracking by locations.
  • Displays Cross Dock (receiving dock) quantities for SKU quantities just received but not put away.
  • Records serial numbers during picking.
  • Option to track SKUs in different boxes for multiple box orders.
  • Track shipping boxes consumed.
  • Unique cart tracking option during MultiPick.
  • Tracking of 'Reserved UnShipped' (RUS).
  • Better control over RUS calculated value.
  • Option to truncate EAN13 barcodes.
  • Ability to pick or exclude approved/unapproved orders.
  • More ... Call for a free web demo today!

How do I purchase?

Step One

Select and purchase the warehouse system you need:

As cell towers are needed for your cell phones to work, access points are needed in your warehouse for the wireless scanners to work. The number of access points needed depends on the size and shape of your warehouse. You also need one controller, the RFServer, per warehouse. The following figures give you a rough idea of what the one-time cost would be for diffent size warehouses and corresponding equipment price. Assumption is that the warehouse is a single-story and open (no walls).

Up to 5,000 sq ft.
$1,450 (PCI compliant)
Includes our start-up professional services package plus RFServer and one access point.

Up to 8,000 sq ft.
$1,750 (PCI compliant)
Includes our start-up professional services package plus RFServer and two access points.

Up to 10,000 sq ft.
$2,050 (PCI compliant)
Includes our start-up professional services package plus RFServer and three access points.

For warehouses that do not fall into one of the above categories, a virtual site survey is needed.
There is an upfront charge of $250 for this service. However, this fee will be credited toward any system purchased within 60 days of the survey.

Step Two

Select and purchase the type and quantity of hand-held, wireless, barcode scanners you need.

Nomally each warehouse employee that you envision using our system will need a scanner, e.g. order pickers, packers, stockers, etc. Each scanner needs a battery and charger, so there's a second one-time cost for this equipment. Batteries normally last a full work shift, after which the scanners are placed in a charger for overnight charging. Below are several options for you to choose from.

-- Barcoders.com sells the following tested and certified scanners --

Note: Below is a comprehensive list of scanners we have available for sale. However, double check with Barcoders to make sure the make/model will work with your implementation.

*Recommended Product* **Reconditioned** Motorola MC32N0
- 3nd Generation of the Motorola (Now Zebra) MC3xxx series, with TWICE the memory!
- Much faster processor than all previous MC3xxx series.
- Faster radio communication algorythm than previous models.
- Color backlit touch screen.
- Windows CE7.0.
- WPA2 encryption, PCI compliant.
- Laser/Imager, pistol grip, 'front shooter' gun style.
- 48 key alpha-numeric keypad.
- This model has no battery compartment cover! Means battery can be removed and replaced quickly!
- Scanner $1,595 List $995 while supply lasts. each
- Battery - Used no warranty - Included
- Battery - New - $55 each
$175 $95 each
- Four bay, scanner cradle/charger (reconditioned) with adapter - $295 each

Reconditioned** Motorola MC3190G
- 2nd Generation of the Motorola MC3xxx series.
- Much faster processor than previous models.
- Faster radio communication algorythm than previous models.
- Color backlit touch screen.
- Windows Mobile or Windows CE6.0.
- WPA2 encryption, PCI compliant.
- Laser/Imager, pistol grip, 'front shooter' gun style.
- 48 key alpha-numeric keypad.
- Scanner - $1,175 $895 while supply lasts. each
- Battery - Used no warranty - Included
- Battery - New - $55 each
- Single-bay charger (reconditioned) with adapter -$175 $95 each
- Four bay, scanner cradle/charger (reconditioned) with adapter - $295 each

NOTE: Unfortunately we don't have the resources to support all the different make and model scanners out there. Therefore, our company policy is that we do not support scanners purchased elsewhere.

Step Three

Decide on the monthly software plan and number of users

You need to choose the Elite Software Level you need and the number of licenses. For example, if you select Level 1 and need two scanners then you will need two software licenses. The monthly subscription price for two licenses would be $140 for the first then $40 for each additional license (in this case just one), bringing the total monthly subscription fee to $175 per month.

Call us with this information and we'll put together an official quote!

All monthly fees listed below include one Stone Edge company database and one user license. Additional users licenses can be added for $40 per month per user. Additional company database licenses can be added for $55 per month per company.

Level 1 - $140 Per Month - Just the minimum; pick, verify and sign orders
Here's what's included:
  • Lookup: Lookup information about a SKU by scanning or typing the barcode or SKU.
  • Pick: Quickly and accurately pick a single order.
  • Verify: Verify all SKUs are present for an order prior to packing.
  • Sign: Allows an employee to quickly 'sign' an order in the shipping or QC stage.
  • BIN Lookup: Scan a bin location and program displays the SKUs assigned to that bin.
  • StartUp: For customers new to Stone Edge and Barcoders, you type in a SKU, than scan to assign UPC and scan to assign location.
  • Wireless Order Fullfilment Systems Web Console
Level 2 - $180 Per Month - Start managing the warehouse as well
Includes everything in Level 1 above plus:
  • BIN Assign: Assign warehouse locations quickly and accurately with just two scans!
  • Cycle Count: Scan a SKU and change it's QOH, CD qty, assigned locations or the qty in those locations.
  • Multi Pick: Quickly and accurately pick up to 100 order by making a single pass through the warehouse.
  • BIN Confirm: Scan a SKU then scan the bin, program confirms if it's in a properly assigned bin.
  • Barcode printing software: Helps you print barcodes and label SKUs, shelves and more!*****
  • Inventory Count: Automates the traditional Stone Edge inventory count method.
  • Weigh: With a portable scale you can move around the warehouse and confirm or update the weight of a SKU. Weight can also be read automatically from certain stationary USB scales. Customer setup required.
Level 3 - $210 per month - Receive POs and directed put away
Includes everything in Level 2 plus:
  • Receive: Allows one or more employees to receive a single PO accurately and quickly in to the crossdock (CD) location as well as print SKU labels. Supports both ZPL and EPL templates.
  • PO Put Away: Allows an employee to acurately put away a single PO.
  • Sort Put Away: Allows an employee to scan a random group of SKUs and the put them away in an orderly fashion.
  • CD Put Away: Allows an employee to put away any items currently on the cross dock.
A le carte Programs
If you are a Level 3 Elite Customer you may be able to add one or more of the following programs to your monthly subscription. Contact us for details:
  • Multi Pick 2: A giant leap forward over Multi Pick. Contact us for more details!
  • COO Assign: Assign Country of Origin quickly and accurately with just two scans!
  • Dimensions: Allows height, width and depth dimensions to be entered as well as weight. Weight can also be read automatically from certain stationary USB scales. Customer setup requred.
  • BIN Assign 2: When tracking quantities, you can quickly, replace an existing bin, add SKU quantity to an assigned bin or you can assign a new bin, if available, and quickly add quantities. Designed for Stone Edge customers who don't create POs in SEOM and want to quickly receive and put away. Supports cross dock.
  • Cycle Count 2: Allow you to count a SKU by bin location. Scan the bin, scanner shows all the SKUs assigned to the bin, scan the UPC of the SKU you want to count, enter the count.
  • Transfer: The transfer fuctions of Cycle Count pulled out and ran as an independent program.
  • Kit Builder: Once all items for an order are picked and gathered together, this program allows you to pull out kit parts and package kit separately prior to packing everything and shipping the order.
  • Kit Picker: Kit Picker allows you to pick from the shelves only kit components on an order so you can package the kit separately from all other SKUs within an order.
  • Assembly Builder: Key in the SEOM assembly number and quantity and program directs you around the warehouse to pick and build assemblies. When completed the assembly QOH is incremented and all compenent QOH values are decremented.
  • Pick List: Allows you to build pick lists for single item orders by shipping method and then pick them quickly and efficiently. Ask for details or request a demo today!
  • Put Away BIN tracking: Allows you see if a SKU has any quantity sitting in the customer service returns put away bin. Customer setup required, ask for details.
  • QLn Print: Provides support for the portable Zebra Qln320 printer. Print SKU barcodes anywhere in the warehouse. Customer setup required, ask for details.
  • Scan Print: Works like QLn Print but reads the same ZPL/EPL template files that RFReceive can be configured to read.
  • Excel Count: Allows you to use the scanner to quickly scan items to a Excel CSV file. Ask for details.
  • Price Tag Print: Like PortaPrint you can enter a SKU, enter the quantity to print and price tags for retail shelf display will be printed. Ask for a copy of the format, prints on 2.3" wide by 1" high labels.
Software updates for all licensed packages are included in the monthly fee. Also ask about the two modules Barney Stone offers for our users.

Step Four

Once the hardware is paid for and the software license signed, we program, configure and ship your system. We can ship on our UPS/FedEx account and bill you for the shipping or it's usually less expensive to ship on your UPS/FedEx account since your volume is probably greater.

Reconditioned hardware availability is limited, so place your order today!

Important Notes:

** Unless otherwise stated, all equipment we provide including the RFServer, access points and scanners are reconditioned, off corporate lease and used. Most have slight cosmetic blemishes, scuffs, scrapes, etc. All have been tested and are functionally sound. Except for batteries which carry no warranty unless otherwise stated, all items carry a 90 day warranty through Advanced Barcode Systems.
Very limited quantities available.
Shipping, insurance and sales tax additional.
Prices subject to change at any time.

*** All new Motorola/Zebra equipment comes with a 90 days warranty, unless otherwise stated.

**** All new Datalogic equipment comes with a one year warranty, through Datalogic. Shipping, insurance and sales tax additional.

***** Barcode printing software included on the RFServer is 'PortaPrint', 'Shelf Barcode Labeler' and 'Shelf Barcode Labeler/File'. A $500 value. User must provide a Zebra EPL compatible thermal transfer printer and all labels, ribbons and magnet strips. Software only supports 2.3" x 1" or 2" x 1" labels. Can not be modified.

Let Barcoders.com provide you with a free price quote and help you increase your productivity, bottom line, and client satisfaction. Contact us today at info@barcoders.com.