Look Up An Item's Location or Quantity On-Hand


The LookUp program allows you to quickly look up the bin location of any item in the warehouse just by scanning the UPC or EAN.

LookUp is great for taking items just checked in from receiving and putting them on the shelf. Simply scan the UPC or EAN and LookUp will display the location and quantity on-hand (QOH).

Information such as quantity, description, warehouse location, etc. can be quickly displayed.

LookUp is also used by many of our customers as the first step in cycle counting.

LookUp Will:

  • Display an item's location in the warehouse
  • Display the Quantity On Hand

Common Uses for LookUp:

  • Receiving to show where an item is stocked in the warehouse
  • Processing returns quickly. It's important to process customer-returned inventory and get it back onto the shelf quickly so it is available for new customer orders. Scan the barcode on any item in your warehouse and the scanner will tell you where it goes on the shelf.
  • As the first step in cycle counting
  • Returning lost or misplaced items to their proper location

Watch A Demo Video Of The RF LookUp Program:

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