Studio On Android!

"The applications run much faster and the screen displays are larger!"
- WMS Customer who migrated to Android.

Advanced Barcode Systems LLC, aka has written applications for our WMS application using a Wavelink COM server and Wavelink Studio on the handhelds for over 25+ years. Our applications first ran on the old Symbol LRT's and PDT's using DRDOS. When the handheld manufacturers migrated to Windows CE and Windows Mobile we were able to migrated our application over using the same code base, thanks to Wavelink creating Avalanche enablers for many manufacturers devices. Now that the handheld manufacturers are moving to Android we faced a threat that of our software would become 'dead ended'.

Therefore about two years ago we started an internal Windows/Android programming project that was quite costly for our small company. I'm happy to announce that we have been successful in creating a Windows based 'server' and an Android based .apk file that allows ALL our 100+ applications to run on the new Zebra MC32N0 Android (V5.1.1) and the MC330K Android scanners (V8.1)! Our customer that have transitioned over, love them because they are much faster and the screen text size is bigger and easier to read on all devices!

Now for the down side, our applications only uses a small subset of the functional capabilities of Wavelink Studio. So at this time it quite possible that if your Studio application uses functions our Android 'translators' aren't familiar with they wouldn't function properly. However, we are willing to discuss adding these functions.

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