VB6 Studio On Android!

"Wavelink Studio applications run much faster and the screen displays are larger on our new Android devices!"

- Barcoders.com WMS Customer who migrated to Android.

If you're like us you've written VB6 applications based on the Wavelink Studio API for the better part of the past few decades. Over the years because of Wavelinks various hardware specific enablers we were able to migrate our VB6 applications, originally written for the Symbol DR-DOS based LRTs and PDTS, to more current scanners running Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Hardware choices were numerous thanks to the many enablers Wavelink released. We tip our hats to Wavelink for doing so.

During that time, our company specialize on Symbol/Motorola/Zebra devices such as the MC3090, MC3090G and MC32N0 handheld terminals. Later we diversified and expanded to Datalogic handhelds such as the Falcon, Falcon X3, Skorpio and Skorpio X3.

Unfortunately, through no fault of our own, the handheld industry has now decided to migrate away from Windows CE/Mobile based scanners and offer exclusively Android based scanners. At this point if you're like us, because your future hardware options are dead ended, so is your software. The years of hard work spent writing thousands of lines of code, creating great software solutions for your customers are now destined to slowly fall off a cliff and die as the supply of Windows CE/Mobile devices fade into obscurity.

Good news here!

About two years ago, we started an internal Windows CE to Android migration programming project that, I'm happy to announce today, has successfully bridged the gap between VB6 based Wavelink Studio applications (excludes Widgets) and Android based Zebras hardware!

Termed the Barcoders.com 'Android Connector' we offer a full migration path for VB6 code to Android scanners. Three critical components make up our "Android Connector’.

The first component is the VB6 modules and classes that we've written that snap directly into your VB6 code and replace the Wavelink OLE calls you use. Once imported into your VB6 solution, you can convert your existing VB6 code projects by running a couple of global 'Find and Replace' statements. There are also some quirks with Android that may need a workaround, e.g. hitting the ESCAPE key used to be no problem, but when running Android OS, hitting ESCAPE takes you back to the desktop. Others many also exist.

The second component is the actual Android Connector that we've written that can, A) Run side-by-side your existing Wavelink Com server, allowing you to use your existing Windows CE devices, while at the same time adding new Android devices in the warehouse or B) Run it exclusively on its own, in place of the Wavelink COM server. This is a great option if you wish to give your warehouse a fresh new look and switch exclusively to Android scanners.

And the third component is the Android .APK package that we've written that talks to our Android Connector. It installs directly on each of your Android devices through a 'sideload'. We update it periodically for bug fixes and enhancements and it can be downloaded, once your company is on-board, directly from our website and installed by your tech team!

All of this is offered at a very reasonable price.

If you feel this could help your company, contact Barcoders.com today and start the dialogue. It may be just the help you need to keep your programs and applications relevent in this dawning Android era. You can contact Barcoders by sending an email to info@barcoders.com.