Direct Upgrade Path!

Barcoders offers a direct upgrade path for Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio.

"Our Studio applications run much faster and the screen displays are larger on our new Android devices." - WMS Customer who migrated to Android.

Over the past 20+ years our company has written and implemented numerous VB6 WMS applications based on Wavelink Studio (Ivanti Studio Powered By Wavelink). We've used the Ivanti Wavelink Com Server and various Ivanti Wavelink hardware specific enablers, along with Wavelink Avalanche with very good results for our customers.

Unfortunately through no fault of our own, due to the deprecation of Windows CE and Mobile by Microsoft, the mobile computer manufactures have migrated completely to Android based devices.

Ivanti Announces End of Life for Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio

In an email sent out on May 2, 2023, Ivanti announces End of Life for all Ivanti Studio products.

Good news is here!

A little over three years ago, Barcoders started a project that successfully bridged the gap between VB6 based Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio applications and Android (V5.1.1 or higher) based Zebras hardware! In fact, we have over a hundred Android scanners already in operation today!

Termed the 'Android Connector' or 'AC' for short, it gives you a full upgrade path for Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio VB6 applications. Your native VB6 code can now be easily upgraded to work with Zebra Android scanners.

As a matter of fact, once you migrate to our AC we allow you to take advantage of the following Android features:
  • You can use lighter Zebra devices without a physical keyboard and much larger screens!
  • Virtual popup keyboards for these devices.
  • Remappable virtual key for typing F1-F9 function keys.
  • Display popup messages in color, e.g. red.
  • Display popup images of products and SKUs for clarity.
  • Use of a Bluetooth earphone for customized voice prompts to user.
  • Speak / Vocalize a phrase, e.g. "Pick quantity of 4".
  • Quick trigger pull to repeat last spoken phrase.
  • More to come!
Additional features:
  • The AC can run on the same machine as your exiting Ivanti Studio COM server, allowing new Android devices to work side-by-side and in addition to your existing Windows CE/Mobile devices.
  • For a 100% Android shop, our AC can run by itself, independent of all Ivanti Wavelink Studio products and licenses.
  • Tested on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Windows Server 2012 and above!
Our Android Connector is offered at a very reasonable monthly price that includes maintenance. Prices are comparable to what you paid for your Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio licenses with maintenance. It's definitely a much faster and less expensive upgrade path than rewriting all your VB6 code!

If you feel this could help upgrade your company's Ivanti Studio / Wavelink Studio applications, contact today and start the dialogue. It's just the help you need in this dawning Android era. You can contact Barcoders by sending an email to