Why Automate?

Change, especially in business processes, is something few people look forward to. However, thanks to recent advances in warehouse technology, more people have been willing to adapt to changes that will ultimately make their jobs easier. Warehouse automation software has become more affordable and itís also easier to use.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from a Barcoders.com warehouse management solution:

1. Reduce or eliminate manual data entry.

Our software will not only streamline your warehouse operations, it will save a huge amount of time for your office staff. The amount of paperwork your business generates daily can be significant. Coupled with our warehouse management system, real-time RF scanners will transmit timely, accurate data immediately to your computer database. RF barcode scanners are thousands of times more accurate and many times faster than human data entry. When you eliminate manual data, youíll eliminate errors and paperwork.

2. Eliminate errors on customer orders.

Errors are easy to make when your employees have trouble differentiating between similar-looking packages or similar products. The Barcoders.com wireless barcode scanners and our warehouse management software will not only guide your employees to the correct warehouse location, they validate correct order picking and will not allow the employee to continue if a mistake is made. Most shipping errors cost at least $100 when the additional shipping and handling is taken into account. Even error rates as low as the 1-2% range can cost many thousands of dollars over time. The costs that canít be counted are those resulting in customer frustration and lack of goodwill.

3. Physical Inventory Counts Become Easier and Quicker.

One of the most dreaded events in any warehouse is the annual physical count of inventory. It can be very time consuming and disruptive to your normal business operations. It can also be expensive, both in terms of lost productivity if you shut down operations and in the overtime you must pay for staff to stay after regular hours or come in on a weekend. Barcoders.com RF barcode scanners and warehouse management software can reduce your Inventory Count time by as much as 75%.

Further savings can be realized when you introduce a systematic Cycle Count program. Our warehouse management software and RF barcode scanners help you to count portions of your inventory on an ongoing basis, without a disruption in productivity. You can decide what items to count and how often to count them. You can count fast-selling and high-value items more often, or move through your warehouse zone by zone. Authorized employees can update your database in real-time. Problems can be identified and solved, and greater inventory accuracy can be achieved.

4. Trusted Inventory Quantities.

With more accurate inventory counting, and especially with the Barcoders.com RF scanners and our Cycle Counting program, accurate inventory can be achieved and maintained. Your sales people wonít need to run back to the warehouse, or place a call, to check on an itemís availability. Tracking each item of your inventory with Barcoders.com warehouse management software will eliminate mistakes and keep your database up-to-date in real time.

5. Youíll be able to find items.

With a paper-based inventory accounting system, you may believe you have an item in stock, but find out itís not there when you need it. Handling is hard to track and mistakes are nearly impossible to identify. With the Barcoders.com RF-based warehouse management solution you can receive, put away, pick, and ship inventory items with up-to-date accuracy. Youíll always know what you have on-hand and where it is located.

Warehouse automation has proven to be a boon for business productivity and profitability. The combination of Barcoders.comís RF scanners and warehouse management solution will allow your business to grow and become more profitable. The accuracy of real-time data will help you lower costs, raise productivity, shorten order fulfillment times, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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